Are your video templates easy to customize?

Yes, each template comes as a Microsoft PowerPoint file that can easily be customized.  All elements of the template can even be customized using the Free online version of PowerPoint.  Full documentation is included with every template that covers all aspects including changing the color scheme, installing fonts, working with images, data charts, adding audio and recording your final video using PowerPoint’s built in recording tools.

I want to use my own images, is this possible?

Yes. Actually we encourage you to use your own images. It’s part of the  personalization that will make your video uniquely yours. Our templates are designed for you to upload your own images.

Each template is delivered without images however we also include a separate documentation file which includes links to all the images we have used in the template previews.  These are high quality images that can be purchased separately (should you wish) from Shutterstock.

I’d like to change the audio on my template.  Is this easy to do?

Yes, very easy.  The audio used in the previews on this site are for demo purposes however we do include the audio in the download package if you want to use it.   Its very easy to add your own audio or even a voiceover.  Our documentation supplied with each template will cover how to do this.