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Freelancing Simplified

Freelancing Simplified

What is Freelancing?


Freelancer is the person who works on a contract basis for various companies as opposed to those who work for a single company full time. They are considered to be self-employed and have an ability to select and choose their task and companies they would like to work with.

As freelancers are not considered to be employees, they have freedom to work for other employers and allowed to do their tasks in their own way. They have ability to submit their work at different places. They may work part time or full time.

The common fields of freelancing are journalism and other forms of writing, computer programming, graphic design, and consulting, music, photography, video editing, event planning, publishing, copy editing, proof reading, website development and other creative services.

When freelancers work for the same employer for a long period, they are sometimes called as “permalancers” or “permanent freelancers”. They may or may not be provided benefits by their employers.

If you want to start working for yourself then freelancing is the easiest, fastest and lowest cost way to do it. Many freelancing websites are available like Guru.com and eLance.com that provide online marketplace where many companies post work and freelancers makes bid on completing the task in an open market.

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